Baglietto 46m Fast by Tribù

Yacht builder Baglietto announced the sale of the new Baglietto 46m Fast to a Mediterranean owner. The superyacht was named Lucky Me.

Lucky him, indeed. This 46-meter design yacht designed by Francesco Paszkowski combines a highly streamlined and sporty look with an elegant and contemporary interior.

Powerful, aggressive lines, highlighted by the lead grey shade, characterise Lucky Me. The trapeze-shaped windows in the hull alternate with rectangular ones arranged on two different levels, enhancing the slender shape of the hull and giving a more contemporary touch to the yacht’s highly charming outer profile.

The interiors feature impressive volumes rarely found on a planning yacht of this size. The warm shades of rosewood used for lining and floors alternate with the colder white lacquered ceilings and side panels across the entire yacht, resulting in very refined, contemporary interiors.

Great care is devoted to the outdoor areas, so as to allow passengers to be in closer contact with the sea and to enjoy conviviality in the open air. The back area of the upper deck is indeed like a huge open terrace overlooking the sea. The high-end outdoor furniture – sofas, armchairs and coffee tables – comes from Tribù’s Pure Sofa collection. The warm teak combines beautifully with the wooden floor. The dark weaving of the Mood collection (sofas, coffee tables and bar chairs) on the other terraces will make for a nice contrast.



Emilio Bianchi